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these are my last 24 hours in this school! isnt that weird? for me anyway.. tomorrow I am standing in the airport waiting for David! we will travel for three weeks and on 2nd of July I am in belgium again!

I am looking forward to go home, to be in Belgium again and to all the things belgian people do (sit in a pub and drink a beer?). and to visit my friends and family. On one hand it is also a bit scary, as I have to look for a job, a place to live, find my friends again (because everybody is moving!)….

I am also really looking forward for my holiday now and the most important thing to see David again ofcourse. also this is  a bit scary!

but i also know i will miss it here and i will need some time to adapt myself again at home. I lived in such a different way, in a different country,… for nine months… I learned so many things. I saw so many beautiful things. I also saw so many “ugly”things. I met wonderful people. Especially I will miss my students. this week we had a goodbye party and it was really nice! i also got some nice presents and a lot of letters and cards, so nice. but one of the best presents is that they talk english and that they say they improved.

I am so thankful I got this opportunity and chance and also that I took this chance…

anyway, I hope i will see you all soon !




Are you single or plural?
October 15, 2006, 1:03 pm
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Hello everybody!

so, already another week passed by, unbelievable how fast time goes! and still, a lot of things happened…

Ilaria, the italian girl, arrived last saturday. I stayed in the house that weekend to show her around and stuff. she is a really nice girl, almost 25 years old, talking a lot (italian way! 😉 ),… So it is good that she is here too, it is nice having already someone! the austrian girl, my future roommate, will arrive tuesday. ilaria and I hope she will be nice too…

The classes also started this week. So we teach in a vocational training, called Home and Food managment. the girls are between 15 and 24 years old, coming from provinces, and most of them sleep here in the school. They are very very nice girls. There is the first and second year. first year has 10 hours a week english, second year 8. we divided them in groups and each group is around 10 students, so a really nice class to teach! It is sometimes difficult because they dont really understand me all the time and i dont understand their english. my first years (advanced group) have also the same level as my second years (intermediate). but i think it will be really nice year.. they are so nice and willing to learn a lot. they dont have it easy at home,…and are so happy to be here, even I think it is not nice for them living here”: sleeping together, taking showers together, getting up at 5 am to start cleaning, a lot of rules, a lot of work… it is -for me and ilaria- as they live in a kind of army. still it is normal here and the girls seem to like it.

Sometimes their english is funny to, see title of this post! 🙂

so, my day looks like: I get up around 6.30 (although I wake up at 5 when the girls are getting up because i sleep in a room next to their room, but i fall asleep again), have breakfast at 7, go have a look at the children playing in the elementary school, at 8 there is the flag ceremony and then there is a goodmorning talk. At 8.15 classes start till 11.30 and from 1 pm-4pm more classes. I have 3 or 4 hours of teaching each day. it doesnt seem a lot, but wait, there is more! during the day we are busy anyway: preparing, resting a bit, eating a bit, cleaning our room or doing our laundry… From 4-5 we assist girls in playing games,.. (first they have to clean again)  Normally we assisted them to from 5-6 in taking showers but the sisters said we shouldnt do that anymore but take a break for ourselves. from 6-6.75 there is homework assistance and we will also start teaching english to a few girls who are following a teacher training here. then there is dinner.. after dinner we go and play or dance (they learn me khmer dances!) with the girls. at 7.30 we have a goodnight talk. and normally we were free then, but the staff (cook,….) asked if we could teach them too so we will teach them from 8-9. and then we are free :-). but maybe we will try to make this late lessons with two volunteers so that one is free for a night. Fridaynight, saturday and sunday we are free and also on holidays.

It is kind of busy and it also takes a lot of energy. you are all the time with these girls, you are more than just a teacher. but the thing is; the moments that they are free and talking or dancing of playing, these are so great too. you get to know them and it is fun. (and it is the theorie of Don Bosco too eh!) also, these girls need attention, friendship and love.  It is worth the energy i think. but i am so tired in the evening! you also dont have a lot of time for yourself during the week, but anyway, our volunteer room is nicer now and during free times you can relax there or in your own room.

This weekend me and ilaria went to town each day. it was really fun. we did markets, pagodas, just walking around, sitting at the lake,… but it also makes you tired because you see so many things.

I am uploading some pictures for the moment, so you should have a look there. I am quiet proud at some of the pictures.

so everything is really fine here. oh, i also received a lot of post this week and a parcel from my mum with cote dor chocolate and other nice stuff.

I feel like i have so much more to tell, there are so many things going on here, but I think i will stop now and write some emails.



telephone numbers
September 29, 2006, 1:44 pm
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 if you ever feel like calling (with skype is not sooo expensive i think) or sending texts:

mobile phone: +855 16 614 214

 telephone numbers at sisters place: +855 23 881772 (! sisters know english but most of the time the line is very bad. so speak slow and clear and say also “belgian volunteer”or Jo in the english way)(it is also big building here so it can take a while for they find me or before someone answers the phone.)

Dont forget the time difference! (see links for exact hour over here)


my adress!
September 12, 2006, 9:45 am
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next week I am almost on the plane… unbelievable!

everything is fine here. my holidays in france were very nice. Now I had some busy days: buying stuff, saying bye to family and friends, learning some Khmer (not so easy), …. but i am feeling great and looking forward to it… altough it is a bit scary and I also know i am going to miss some people very much.

anyway, my adress in cambodia will be:

Jo Frederix

Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco

Northbridge Street

Teuk Thla, Russey Keo

P.O. Box 468



another date for in your diary!

I booked my flight back today! I will arrive in Paris again at the 11th of June. Well, normally, because I can change my return flight for free, so maybe it will change, it is so far away, that you never know if you want to come back earlier or if you want to stay longer. but till now this is the date!

I also took a good insurance.

so, two other things deleted from my “to do list”!


The beginning…

so, hello you there! You are looking very very good today! oh, and welcome. on the very very first post of well.. me!

Probably you know me if you are here, otherwise: nice to meet you anyway!

so, where shall I start…

I decided to start a blog, as you may have noticed. I even decided it to write this in english. Yes, I am crazy, writing in english. but i do it for you -not dutch speaking person over there!- so that you can laugh with my mistakes 🙂 

but, why a blog? I do not have a very interesting life. i am a student. students have well..student lifes. BUT next year I will have volunteer-abroad life, because I am going to do something scary: be a volunteer for nine months (NINE MONTHS) in Cambodia. I will be mainly teaching english (haha) to young women. and other stuff. you will discover later (—> you see, i am trying to make you curious!). So i think that is interesting. Or at least: different. Some of you will think I am crazy, or stupid.. other people will admire me. other people just don’t care. I also do not care what you think. I have been thinking about this more than a year, and I really want to do this. I do not know how I will feel/think/… if I am there. But I will not know by staying in my safe bed in Belgium. So I am going. Even if I have a really lovely boyfriend, a fantastic mother and family, friends,…. Even if I will not earn one eurocent, no, i will even lose a lot of money. I do not want to “make the world better” or I am not thinking I will do this. I will have this experience, make a small difference somewhere, get to know another culture that is so different as ours,…

So. Now you know why I am going, or at least you know a small bit of my motivation, because my motivation is a lot more. (and yes, probably you will also know more about this in the near future!). TOday I booked my flight. I am leaving 19 september. The coming back date is not known yet. Exciting stuff.

It is still a long time, so why starting a blog now? Well… My mother is now probably thinking “JOOOOO noooo dont think about that so much now and do other stuff!” (other stuff=studying). well. the problem is I AM Thinking about next year and I will be talking with a lot of people about it. I cannot change that fact. But the other problem is maybe I am afraid sometimes, or really excited, or sad, or happy,… and if I cannot express these feelings, well.. I will keep thinking about it and I will not be able to study. But I do not know if you know it, but writing is a bit like therapy for me. So if I can write my thoughts down, it is good… The whole preparation process for cambodia: you will find it here…. When I am leaving, how painfull my vaccinations will be, how I am scared or afraid, how happy I am, my money searching thing, my sponsor activities… You can expect these things till september. And then: you will have reports from Phnom Penh itself! Oh, the people who read my diary last year (for the people who dont know what this is: I studied in Dublin last year for 9 months and I had also a blog), do not be afraid: this blog will not have so many or so long writings by myself. I dont think I will have so much time in Cambodia or easy internetacces as in dublin..

 Why the english? Well… In dublin I met some fantastic friends (I MISS YOUOUOU) and I know some crazy people, known as Joinees  and I will meet some other people in Cambodia. All these people cannot speak dutch. So… here english! and I will try to be an english teacher in Cambodia, so maybe it is good if I write in english. Oh, if you notice I make a very very big mistake and I make it multiple times, let me know!

Oh, I will also try to make a flickr account with my pictures and a link from this site to that account stuff. Than I only need a digital camera. uhuh. (hint hint, my birthday is in september!) (oh, I do not need FIVE cameras by the way).

I guess this is it. My introduction. oh yeah. now only people have to read it. And you can give my comments. But be nice 😉