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these are my last 24 hours in this school! isnt that weird? for me anyway.. tomorrow I am standing in the airport waiting for David! we will travel for three weeks and on 2nd of July I am in belgium again!

I am looking forward to go home, to be in Belgium again and to all the things belgian people do (sit in a pub and drink a beer?). and to visit my friends and family. On one hand it is also a bit scary, as I have to look for a job, a place to live, find my friends again (because everybody is moving!)….

I am also really looking forward for my holiday now and the most important thing to see David again ofcourse. also this is  a bit scary!

but i also know i will miss it here and i will need some time to adapt myself again at home. I lived in such a different way, in a different country,… for nine months… I learned so many things. I saw so many beautiful things. I also saw so many “ugly”things. I met wonderful people. Especially I will miss my students. this week we had a goodbye party and it was really nice! i also got some nice presents and a lot of letters and cards, so nice. but one of the best presents is that they talk english and that they say they improved.

I am so thankful I got this opportunity and chance and also that I took this chance…

anyway, I hope i will see you all soon !




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I’m so proud !!! I can not express my feelings in English very well, but my heart is so thankful for what Jo has done the last nine months. And ofcourse, I’m very happy to meet her again the 2the july. Everybody is welcome in Leopoldsburg !! It will be party for weeks !!!!our phonenumber at home:
-mum, dont give our phone on the internet! people, if you want to phone me, email me:
See you soon

Comment by gerda

ahah! feestje? 😉
ik zal de mama eens bellen dan he :d

de mama mag echt trots zijn op zo een dochter, echt waar! wat die meid gedaan heeft.. “Respect, Jo” (met de vuist op mijn hart), heb er geen andere woorden voor!

Btw: ik ben bijna flik, alles hangt af van mijn examen TTI (technische en tactische interventie) en hindernissenparcours morgen! Vrijdag weet ik dan mijn uitslag.
(theorie was goed, portfolio ook, rollenspel minder, dus TTI moet goed zijn morgen! ik hou je op de hoogte!)

Comment by Liesbeth

I would like to see a continuation of the topic

Comment by Maximus

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