The adventures of Jo!

the rainbow of feelings


these are my last 24 hours in this school! isnt that weird? for me anyway.. tomorrow I am standing in the airport waiting for David! we will travel for three weeks and on 2nd of July I am in belgium again!

I am looking forward to go home, to be in Belgium again and to all the things belgian people do (sit in a pub and drink a beer?). and to visit my friends and family. On one hand it is also a bit scary, as I have to look for a job, a place to live, find my friends again (because everybody is moving!)….

I am also really looking forward for my holiday now and the most important thing to see David again ofcourse. also this is  a bit scary!

but i also know i will miss it here and i will need some time to adapt myself again at home. I lived in such a different way, in a different country,… for nine months… I learned so many things. I saw so many beautiful things. I also saw so many “ugly”things. I met wonderful people. Especially I will miss my students. this week we had a goodbye party and it was really nice! i also got some nice presents and a lot of letters and cards, so nice. but one of the best presents is that they talk english and that they say they improved.

I am so thankful I got this opportunity and chance and also that I took this chance…

anyway, I hope i will see you all soon !