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April 20, 2007, 12:56 pm
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Hello! So I am back teaching! Yesterday it was the first day of school again! This was a bit weird after two weeks holidays but also very nice! My trip to

DAY 1: Arrival in
Bangkok and immediately to Khorat where I met my uncle, his Thai girlfriend and her family. We went to her home, in Phimai, a village close to Khorat. It was very nice to meet her family!
DAY 2: The family of Nut showed me around the neighbourhood. A museum, Thai temple, Khmer temple (looks a bit like
Angkor wat but then the small sister. The Cambodians had a lot of power years ago!),… interesting day, to visit these things together with a Thai family.
DAY 3: to
Bangkok, together with Benny and Nut.
DAY 4: sightseeing in bangkok. Very nice things.. The palace, some temples,... some temples are different then the temples in
Cambodia, more colors, more special Buddha statues,…
DAY 5:to museum in
Bangkok and some shopping.
DAY 6: Bus to Sukhothai. I arrived in a very nice guesthouse, Guesthouse TR. Nice owner, nice family… they pick you up free from the station and bring you back too. and free internet too. I can recommend it!DAY 7: with the bicycle to the historical park in Sukhothai. Ruins, temples,and a very nice park… really nice to visit. Especially with the bike because the weather was fine and I liked it to go around…DAY 8: with the bus to chiang mai! I arrived and I got wet immediately… because there was the Thai New year festival and it is celebrated by throwing water on everything that moves. I personally like the idea but they are a bit toooo excited in this stuff. Throwing water on everyone who is driving looks a bit dangerous for me. Drinking a lot and driving then too, especially if you find out that 300 people died during these days. Anyway, the water throwing was very very fun to see, the city had gone CRAZY. Really crazy. Really cool to look. But after two days it was also enough, because you are all the time sooo wet and cold (because they throw ice too)DAY 9: Together with Yam and her family (evelien, a Belgian friend, lived in this family for three months) showed me around. We visited the royal gardens, a beautiful temple and then we went around with the car to throw water! DAY 10: on a one day trek with my guesthouse (eagle house 1. very simple and very cheap. But I had everything that I wanted and it was clean, and I only need simple, so that was great! The staff could be more friendly though). Beautiful nature. Chiang mai is surrounded by mountains, really nice. We did some bamboorafting (beautiful. But wet), elephant riding (very funny), walking, visiting of hilltribes, waterfall. DAY 11: a bit of walking around the town with my raincoat on ;-). I saw some beautiful temples, where the people also celebrated the festival but more quiet, more serene. Really nice to see. Then I went to this really nice Spa and treated myself on a two hours massage. MmmmmmmmmDAY 12: cooking course on Thai cookery farm ( ) really nice cooking course, I can advice too! It is in a farm outside chiang mai, just the road to it is worth it! Beautiful and quiet... The staff was so friendly, small group and the food soooooooooooo yummie and easy to make. DAY 13: In the morning I did a cycling tour with an organisation of a Belgian man ( Also small group and a very nice guide who told me some things I didn’t know yet about
Thailand, Buddhism… nice nature, some temples,… also something I can recommend if you are in chiang mai!
In the afternoon I walked a bit around in town and in the evening I had my flight back. So that was it! Really nice holiday, very interesting because I did and saw things I never had seen or done before. Also travelling alone was nice, I am happy that I have done this. I met also a lot of people, really nice. Also the Thai people were very friendly to me. It was also good for me to see another country in south
East Asia. Although there are some things the same as in
Cambodia, like the religion, some habits, norms,… the country is more developed. It made me realise how poor
Cambodia is. For me it was weird to see that there was electricity and water in a village in
Thailand, and that the people had things like a fridge… in Cambodian villages they don’t have. It was also weird for me to find this surprising because normally it should be normal for me, electricity and stuff.

Also the roads were much better.. and so many cars and so less motos! And it was clean for me. And modern, and organised… and there were ATMmachines and Thai people used these machines! And supermarkets! And all these things… It was also funny because I heard other people talk about how dirty and not organised
Thailand was for them, how chaotic it looked for them. For me, it was different because I lived already six months in Cambodia, which is more chaotic, dirty,… to be honest, I even missed the chaotic and dirty and smelly Cambodian markets for example. I don’t know why. Anyway, it made me think about a lot of things, about poverty, development, also about how I see some things now,… very interesting!
Thailand was very nice. Very beautiful country and of course very different than
Europe too
J nice culture, nice temples, nice food… beautiful nature. And much more comfortable to travel in than
 So anyway, I am happy that I did this holiday! Now back to work!  

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