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And already march!
March 26, 2007, 2:10 pm
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It’s already the end of March… wow, times goes fast…….. Anyway, I am still fine! March was a very calm month but also a nice month… We didn’t go very far, just in
Phnom Penh but I did some interesting things though! Maybe tomorrow I will put some pictures online from the next activities:
I went one day with the first year’s students to a kind of garden. They were all so excited we wanted to come with them and they were very happy. I also went to visit a house of a girl, also first years. Very friendly family, nice neighbourhood, only too much food!! And more student related activities: yesterday I went to a party of a girl from the second year. It was a party for her new born niece so I could buy cute clothes! Jeuj!Oh, and one day I also went again with the CCH (see February) to do some activities in a poor neighbourhood in
Phnom Penh. It was weird, a completely different part of the city where you normally come as a tourist… no cars, very small streets, and a lot of garbage/dust…. But it was nice.
So I think it was a month in which I saw again a bit more of
Cambodia’s life.

It is also getting hotter… but last week it rained so that was so nice… the smell and the sound of the rain… 

Ohohohoh and good news! Two of my evening class students (=staff) are going to marry next month!!!!!! I am so happy for them, they are two lovely students!!! It went very quickly, because they are not so long boy and girlfriend… they wanted to wait a little bit but their family decided also a little bit. But they look very happy!! And maybe I will go to the party too!  


This week we have exams and then holidays! I will go to
Thailand but I will tell you more about it when I come back…..



March 6, 2007, 2:28 pm
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Oops I am sorry for my absence… but… I am back! And apparently you still want to read because there are still people visiting my site, even if I didn’t write for such a long time. Probably I didn’t write because I have” my personal diary” and I type everything in emails and not on this site. Anyway, I am fine! Still teaching (which is sometimes very nice, a lot of fun and also rewarding. And sometimes frustrating) and visiting the country and enjoying and getting brown (well, “Jo brown” which means white with a little brown color in it)  

But…February… If I think about last month I think about….: 

*The Garbage dump. In February I “visited” two times the dump. If you think about all the garbage the capital in your country and you put it all just on the ground, and you imagine high temperature, no rain (for the moment) ,: you can imagine how it looks. And how it smells. A big mountain, smoke, bad bad smell. And people working on it. And (naked) children. Little children. If you see toddlers running around barefoot, as if it is normal (well, I guess for them it is normal. But that makes it even worse), like in a garden, you ask yourself questions. They shouldn’t be there. But they have to work, pick the garbage. For almost no money. They live in a house next to the garbage. The “a room with a view” gets a new meaning here! Anyway, I visited the first time with a lot of children of the CCH (see links on this page! On your left side I think). They are children who used to work on this dump. Now they are in the centre. Sometimes they come back: they give the children who are on the dump bread, they play with them, they read stories, they dance, they learn them to wash their hands… very very beautiful to see, an experience I will never forget. I visited the CCH and the dump the second time with my mother (see later). It was nice to see them all again, very nice children and staff, they gave you anytime a warm welcome. Of course it is good, they take care of the children who should not be on this dump. It is even very good. And it is also good if you support them (about supporting: a part of your sponsormoney went also to the CCH!) but still I think other things there should be done. Why do the people have to do this kind of job? Why is there this awful smelly mountain in the first place? But apparently nobody here, who is important enough to change things, is asking these questions.  

*the visit of The Mother. Mothers are weird creatures, no? They say they are scared of flying and that they are not interested in countries which are so far away. And still, one day they are standing in front of your nose. And with a lot of chocolate, “Den Humo” and Jenever (but keep this quiet for the sisters). Very nice to show someone at home how my life is here. And to have some decent conversations, in Dutch! We visited some things in the country, some projects too,… and we stayed here in the centre, my mother was in my class sometimes (good student!), she learned to dance,…. Yes, very nice. You can admire our faces on the pictures page 

*One year!February was also the month of realising that time goes fast (when you are in love). 

“That’s all, teacher!” (The way my students end something when they speak or write)