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About schoollife and your money!
November 29, 2006, 3:33 pm
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Hello everyone! It`s been a while that I wrote on here. Shame on me! How are you?I am fine! More and more I am starting to get to know my students better and I feel that I am also growing as a teacher. I try more things and I follow more my own style of teaching. I also know the girls better. It is sometimes weird to be a teacher here, because after schooltime you are getting more and more friends with them too. You talk to them, they learn me khmer,… very nice!Last Saturday I also went to a birthdayparty of a sister of a student of me. I was very happy she invited me and it was a nice party. Nice to observe some things, like how boys and girls behave to eachother (girls don’t really speak with the boys.. my students who normally talk a lot, were very silent when they were close). Sometimes it is difficult teaching here, not because of the language or something, but because on on hand it is less organised but on the other hand there are some stupid, strict rules. The combination of the two can make it very frustrating sometimes. You don’t have materials, there are not enough teachers or teachers are absent, hours can change every five seconds,, nobody checks what you are doing in your lesson,… are the chaotic, not organised examples. But there are also these rules that the (Asian?) sisters have or on some things they can be strict. Most of the time I don’t get annoyed by it. I am quiet flexible and I knew this in advance too. And I can adapt myself to a lot of situations. Sometimes it can be more frustrating. But anyway, I don’t make myself angry in it, that is no use. I try to work in all kind of situations, it is interesting. And sometimes it also has his advantages. Anyway, I just try to focus on doing my best with the girls. Other things I did in the past weekends…mmm I went swimming one time! Can you imagine, lying outside at a swimmingpool in november? And I also went shopping and I walked around in town. Relaxing things. But you need it. Well, I need it sometimes. 

Then I wanted to write something about the sponsormoney. I gave till now some little amounts to projects here and there that I came across during travelling (see earlier things I wrote). I gave a bigger part to the sisters here, to use for my students. Let me explain, these students are studying Home and Food management. So they learn how to cook. But there is not enough money to buy all the ingredients, so the girls have to buy it and bring to class. But they are too poor to buy it all the time. So they learn a lot of cooking without cooking. So part of the money is going to ingredients.Another small part I used for the volunteers room. We have a volunteersroom but it was more like a doctors waiting room (ilarias words). Because I think the volunteers here are very important and they also deserve something nice (not only this years volunteers, but also for the next years) I bought a radio and a pinboard. On the pinboard there are now pictures, a calendar…. So our room looks nicer now and we have music!I think in total I used now about half of the money. I will give a better report at the end of the year. If people still want to donate, just email me ( and will give you my belgian bank account.I (and the other volunteers) also started to make an english “book”. The girls don’t have english books here, they write everything down in a notebook. I also started with making copies for them with the money. But I am typing now in word a kind of book. They need some special english, about hotel, restaurant… and they need basic english.. so a combination of the two, that you don’t really find in excisting books. So if this is finished I will give maybe more money to the school here to print this book for the next years.  

So, I hope the people who helped me are happy that they know a little bit more J But I am happy here. Sometimes it seems to be a long time or you miss some things. But there are so many nice moments that makes you feel warm and happy and you forget the less nice moments like that in a second. now I can already tell you about the nice moments of last month but I don’t remember the other moments. That is good no? Oh and not only the people here make me feel that way. I am still receiving nice mails and cards from people who are reading this. They say me things like “you are doing a good job”or “because of you I realised there are so many possibilities in life”That makes me go wooooooooooow. Thank you so much. Love,Teacher Jo X  


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