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telephone numbers
September 29, 2006, 1:44 pm
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 if you ever feel like calling (with skype is not sooo expensive i think) or sending texts:

mobile phone: +855 16 614 214

 telephone numbers at sisters place: +855 23 881772 (! sisters know english but most of the time the line is very bad. so speak slow and clear and say also “belgian volunteer”or Jo in the english way)(it is also big building here so it can take a while for they find me or before someone answers the phone.)

Dont forget the time difference! (see links for exact hour over here)



September 28, 2006, 2:14 pm
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so, one year older again…. thanks everyone for mails, cards, the singing,… nice! (well, i havent receive much cards yet but the post is slow eh)

my birthday was nice. they prepared a very big meal and tried to make me feel home with western food so there was pizza and chips and ice cream and cake and and and much more. funny. it was nice. my mother called with was cool. but it was a pity that apparently calling cards in england sucks. or maybe telephoning to cambodia with calling cards sucks. anyway, we will find a solution for that he De!

Then, I have much to tell again but i will try to think what is really important…

I went to town on tuesday which was an experience… went on a motodup, a motobike who is also a taxi. a few times i had to close my eyes or look away because it is scary, driving in this crazy city. but it was cool. i liked it. so the city mainly excists out of motos and cars. well, i have to discover more ofcourse, but on first sight. I walked around, walked through a market, … it was good. i still have to get used to the people who are constantly asking me things, most of the time money… i also should become better in talking about prices… anyway, we have time to learn. but it was very good to be out of the buildings here because i felt kind of locked up here.

i like some cultures things, like the way they say hi to eachoter (hands together before body/face and a little bow.. mmm bow doesnt seem to be right english and that for an english teacher haha… anyway. pfff too lazy)> and it is also funny that almost the first thing they ask is if you have brothers of sisters.(you are quiet important here Jan!) there is so much to discover and to learn, exciting!

school starts on monday for the little children, school for the young women (where i will be teaching) only the week after. normally it wastn meant to be this way, the sisters apologied for it because now i was really early. this has as effect that time goes a bit slower now and it is more difficult but anyway… i try to learn some khmer, preparing my classes, sleeping,… there is also a lot of staff here for the moment, all cambodians, and they are really really nice. they try to speak with me, but their english isnt very well and my Khmer isnt very well. so we are learning eachother things which is good.

everyone is really nice, friendly, helpfull,… and concerned about me. and i am looking forward to the teaching. ooo and playing with the children, the children here are sooooooooooo cute!!!!!! the food is good. eveyrthing is good. so i think I can get used to it all. I also will have free time, during weekends. and there are a lot of weekends that are a bit longer because of bank holidays. and there is easter which is not easter but Khmer Newyear (two weeks of holidays). no christmas time though. you cant have everything.

ofcourse there are some disadvantages. with most of it I learned to deal with i think. some of them are just for the moment, like i dont have much to do for the moment and the other volunteers are still not here. but i know these will change. than, we live a bit out of town and in a bit dangerous area what makes that if we go out, we have to be back at 9. but i am not here for going out, i am here for teaching, but still it feels like a kind of restrictment. but maybe i will just go for a weekend to town, sleep there in a hotel or something. so i will see nightlife too. living with sisters has his advantages but also negative sides. they dont understand everything i think about me, my way of living,… i also have to get used to the much more catholic way of living. and just living together with so many people. i am used of living alone or with only a few people and doing what i want. but on the other hand, in a week there will be 70 girls living here who are living like this every schoolyear, who are happy they can come to school… then they also want that i dont go away during schoolperiod. normally i wouldnt ask that, it is not a problem, but it is a problem if some of you want to visit me. you can visit me, but know that i might not be able to do a lot with you. during weekends and holidays. and you can ofcourse come to volunteer with me 🙂 so just email me if you have questions about this ok?

but i can live with all these things. for the moment i just want to get started and i am also hoping the other volunteers will be nice so that i can really really talk with someone. i hope that everything will be okay.

the only thing that is more difficult than i thought, and i think it might be the only really difficult thing, is euh love… it is so frustrating that communicating with people living in europe is a bit difficult and i hope we will find a good way to do this. but yes, i miss david more than i thought i would and also than i would ever confess (because i like to see myself as someone who is able to do things alone and independent haha).

it is nice to see that many people are reading this. i will try to keep it updated and honest. oh and again, dutch speaking people, you really are allowed to make your comment in dutch!

well, i guess i am going to bed soon, goodnight!


September 22, 2006, 1:30 pm
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see links: my pictures

 posted only a few because it goes very slow and i dont feel like sitting here a long time, but it is only my room and the buildings here so no important pictures (unless you want to see my toilet too!)


first impressions
September 21, 2006, 10:35 am
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Hello everyone,

So I can tell you know a bit more about my first impressions…

*sisters: I think there are 7 sisters (I am bad in counting and remembering for the moment), not one of them is Cambodian, they are all missionaries from Vietnam, Thailand, Indian, south America,… they are very funny and till now I think they get along well, which I think it is important. They are laughing a lot at dinner, its funny to observe them… on the other hand; I also have to get used to live together with them and of course to the more catholic way of living. I am more someone who believes in certain things, certain values,… but I will not go much to church… and this will change this year 😉 but I really don’t mind that, I have respect for it and it think it is interesting also to see.

And oh, they said I am the first volunteer with such a Khmer vocabulary!

*Cambodia: I didn’t see a lot of
Cambodia, it is only my second day! The problem, well not real a problem, is that it is holidays here for three days for the Cambodian people and there is nothing open in the city and the staff here also has free. So there is no driver, no cleaning staff,…

So I can’t go anywhere now (ok, I could drive but it is mad in this city)

And there is also nobody to for example teach me Khmer.

So these days are really calm for me, I just have to get used to everything and sleep and rest a lot. A kind of holidays.

Oh, but we did went to another school of don bosco so I saw a bit of the city. Busy, a lot of little shops on the way, bad streets with holes in it,… interesting

*food: njammie and a lot

Especially the fruits… purple fruit or fruit that looks like a potato… and the bananas, they look bad but they taste good, better than in

And good thing, till now I am not sick or problems with toiletthings… woohoo

*sleeping: I slept very well thank you. There is a lot of noise outside though, it is like a jungle… but it is cool, so many animals are awake at night I think..

Oh and a bit for four o’clock, FOUR, someone started singing… I thought only Muslims did that. It was very cool though, very nice, but I couldn’t sleep anymore… he stopped when the sun raises, like two hours later.

Oh in the evening it is very fast dark here, it is getting dark right now and it is only 5.30.

*weather; quiet good for the moment. It is sometimes hot, but there is a nice wind and mostly not too hot, because it is rain season. I didn’t see any rain yet though.

*me: I am fine, although very curious for the future. How is the city? How are the children? How are the volunteers who still have to come? Will I like it?

I know I have to be patient, everything will be much clearer for me in a week or so.

Oh, and I am almost 23 … in eight days… now you cant forget that haha J



 who has now time to write a lot, it will not stay this way

oh, so there is internet here, dont know yet if i can skype here, have to ask if i could buy things for that.

my mobile phone is not working here, next week i will have a cambodian number, once the shops are open

oh and tomorrow i will try to find out if i can put pictures online

in cambodia
September 20, 2006, 5:32 am
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a very short message to let you know i am safe in cambodia

travel went well

everybody seems to be nice here and happy that i am here, so that is good

write more later, am going to unpack things and rest a bit and walk in the very nice garden around the schools

JO x

Thank you!!!!
September 14, 2006, 9:19 pm
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I need to say “thank you “to a lot of people…

I raised -till now, it is not over yet- about 1800 euro!!! It is unbelievable… It all started by selling some cards (thanks to katrien and thomas!) and waffles (thanks to the organisation of my mother and the help of my grandmother, some friends of my mother,…!), but people also gave money or I discovered a deposit on my bank account from people I don’t know, my town gave me money,…. The money will be used in the project, or in other projects in cambodia I will visit… I will decide for what I use it when I am there, but I promise I will do something good with it!

Sometimes it is just unbelievable how much support you can get from people you don’t know so well.

Not only in money, but also in respect, support, … I received a few nice cards/emails/words/… and it sounds a bit too emotional now, but it is so nice to see that people support you. It means a lot to me if people say for example that they think it is good that I am doing this,…

So thank you! or “aakun chreun!”

my adress!
September 12, 2006, 9:45 am
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next week I am almost on the plane… unbelievable!

everything is fine here. my holidays in france were very nice. Now I had some busy days: buying stuff, saying bye to family and friends, learning some Khmer (not so easy), …. but i am feeling great and looking forward to it… altough it is a bit scary and I also know i am going to miss some people very much.

anyway, my adress in cambodia will be:

Jo Frederix

Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco

Northbridge Street

Teuk Thla, Russey Keo

P.O. Box 468