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another date for in your diary!

I booked my flight back today! I will arrive in Paris again at the 11th of June. Well, normally, because I can change my return flight for free, so maybe it will change, it is so far away, that you never know if you want to come back earlier or if you want to stay longer. but till now this is the date!

I also took a good insurance.

so, two other things deleted from my “to do list”!



exams, visum, italian girl, hospital: the end…
July 13, 2006, 12:44 pm
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hello people!

so, I am still alive and kicking!

just to say the next things happened:

-I passed all my exams!!! WOOHOO! now I only have to write this very lovely thesis (uhuh) and than I am finished with uni! forever!

-I am still reading books about cambodia. I had a nightmare from it. brrr….

-THe sisters in cambodia will arrange my visum, i just had to send them things over. that is great, i don’t have to worry about it…

-they also told me i will be living with an italian girl over there. i hope she is nice 🙂 but probably she will be, because normally i like the kind of people who are volunteering abroad. and it is good that she is new and “western” too.

-I got all my vaccinations! WOOHOO!

so I guess all things are getting sorted out, with every thing that is ok, it is coming so close… sometimes I am not realising it, that it is so close. but in two months and one week I am gone. YAY! I am really looking forward to it, altough i am realising it is a bit scary or maybe it will be a bit difficult but we will see, I am very curious and excited.

Tonight “my boys” are arriving, Ivo and Pierre (with who I lived in dublin last year), Anne (also a girl who was on erasmus last year) arrived yesterday. it is soooo cool seeing them back and we will have a lot of fun :). i watched my pictures of Dublin and Ireland this week. I realised I am so lucky. last year in dublin, next year in cambodia. dublin/ireland got a place in my heart, i sometimes still miss it so, and i miss the people too. maybe that is why i am a bit scared too, i will miss next year (maybe and hopefully) again another country, far away this time, and the people over there. It’s weird to get “homesick” when you are home, but I was this year at some points, and maybe I will be again. but anyway, on the other hand I like it so much, and maybe i even like the “homesickness” a bit ;). I am glad my boys will be here tonight! yay!

have a good time, with a lot of sun and music and beer !