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June 26, 2006, 4:20 pm
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me again! how are you? i am fine… writing my thesis and reading books about cambodia (i went to the library and got a few! yeah!). So, most of you know what I will be doing in Cambodia? It is a school for children and young women who come from outside the city, they also sleep there. There are also other activities after schooltime. I will be mainly teaching english.. And I have a few questions: 

1. As you also know, I am not a native english speaker. And I am also not an english student. And I was never good in english at school. Well, i learned a lot of english by studying in dublin for one year ofcourse, but it is not that I am an english teacher. First the people over there emailed me: “the young girls you will be handling/teaching have already some foundation in English language and you may need more or English conversations, Grammar, Prose and a bit of literature.” today they also emailed that I will also teach elementary school kids.
I have absolutely no idea what they know and what they should learn. I will see over there I guess. BUT i also heared that they need really “practical” english, like how to talk with tourists.. or if they read something about mayonaise in their western english book, that they have a recipe to make it and to really taste what it is.
I am also not good in grammar and i don’t know a lot about literature. Lyrics are also fun, but I also don’t know what they mean all the time.
Ooooo and games for children, where they learn words? songs?
SOOO: my question: if you think you have some really good ideas for teaching or if you have some material that you can copy and send by post or send it by email (, i will be very thankful.  I cannot take a lot of books to there, my luggage will be heavy anyway (what do you take for 9 months?), but i prefer to take one or two good basic english books, to teach myself a bit. if you have an old one.. or if you have a very good text on your pc and send it by email.. or whatever.. or recipes, lyrics where there is a meaning, storys, wordgames, songs… email me, write me, leave a comment…
2. I am also “collecting money”. Today they emailed me:”…we could buy what we need most urgently
like rice, food for the children and the girls, because we do not have people to support us and the girls are too poor to pay for their food and materials. We have about 70 children and young girls staying with us who are really very poor and we need to support them.” is about where I am staying.
you also see on the pictures (see: links: vides UK) some very mmm how do you say it.. “empty” classrooms.
Also: I will visit some other projects in cambodia, like projects who work with children who work as garbage pickers (
and i will decide how much money i give to which project,… so i will know where the money is going to. So if you want to support the projects, please let me know by email or a comment. I also am selling a few cards, my mum will be selling waffles, …. but if you feel like supporting more, you are welcome. You are also still welcome by giving money later, if I am already in cambodia and you read my stories.

thank you very much to read this!


Jo x


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Dear Jo,
In July, I’ll start to sell waffels/wafels around here: at my work and friends .. I’ll hope that everybody will buy hundreds of them :-).
All the profit is ofcourse for your project in Cambodja.

Comment by gerda

Dear Jo,

as you might know Bavo is an English teacher.
he has got loades of studie material!
i’ll ask if he mailes you!

Comment by Annelies

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