The adventures of Jo!

May 19, 2006, 1:24 pm
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Thanks everyone for your good luck vibes, it really helped! I got the job, from the interview on wednesday: from 17 july – 17 august I will be giving daily support to people with physical disabilities who are living on their own! so I will have MONEY to buy things for Cambodia!

oh, for the few people who wanted to come and visit me in belgium during that period (Gentse Feesten!): you are still welcome, I just have to work a bit sometimes 😉

anyway, no more news for today!



In the hospital, part I
May 16, 2006, 4:48 pm
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aaaaaaaaargghh, I just wrote some thing and than it was gone. boohoo.

but as I wrote… One of the enjoyable things of going to Cambodia (ironic yes) are the stories about diseases, mosquitos, …. and: vaccinations! brrr! anyway, I went to the hospital for the first time today. listened to advice about mosquitos, other scary things,…. and then got three little injections. hurrah! it didn’t hurt, BUT I got a bit dizzy and pale five minutes later. suddenly two nurses and two doctors were standing around me, worrying about me. anyway, I am fine I am fine! feeling quiet good now. but I have to go back another three times. hurrah.

These moments I am wondering: what am I doing? i really must be crazy! but then I think about my motivation, my dreams, the stories of people,… I read some supportmails from people… And I know that even if I am crazy, I like this kind of crazyness (don’t know if that is a word, but I know you understand anyway). It made me happy to see that a lot of people had already a look on this site and I also like your comments.

Hannah, you are really right in your comment, my mum is fantastic. I know she is finding it a bit hard to let me go, but she is helping me really a lot in arranging practical stuff and she is calling people and so on… so everybody should know that!

tomorrow I have a job interview for a summerjob. and thursday another one… I hope I have one of them, especially the one of tomorrow! If there are a lot of good luck vibes, send them my way!

oh, en even iets in het nederlands: jullie mogen altijd jullie beste engels te voorschijn halen, da’s heel leuk, maar het moet natuurlijk niet! ik kan nog steeds nederlands, dus als jullie in het nederlands willen antwoorden, dan mag dat heus wel! alleen als jullie vinden dat iedereen die hier leest het moet begrijpen, dan wel in het engels..

have a lovely evening!


The beginning…

so, hello you there! You are looking very very good today! oh, and welcome. on the very very first post of well.. me!

Probably you know me if you are here, otherwise: nice to meet you anyway!

so, where shall I start…

I decided to start a blog, as you may have noticed. I even decided it to write this in english. Yes, I am crazy, writing in english. but i do it for you -not dutch speaking person over there!- so that you can laugh with my mistakes 🙂 

but, why a blog? I do not have a very interesting life. i am a student. students have well..student lifes. BUT next year I will have volunteer-abroad life, because I am going to do something scary: be a volunteer for nine months (NINE MONTHS) in Cambodia. I will be mainly teaching english (haha) to young women. and other stuff. you will discover later (—> you see, i am trying to make you curious!). So i think that is interesting. Or at least: different. Some of you will think I am crazy, or stupid.. other people will admire me. other people just don’t care. I also do not care what you think. I have been thinking about this more than a year, and I really want to do this. I do not know how I will feel/think/… if I am there. But I will not know by staying in my safe bed in Belgium. So I am going. Even if I have a really lovely boyfriend, a fantastic mother and family, friends,…. Even if I will not earn one eurocent, no, i will even lose a lot of money. I do not want to “make the world better” or I am not thinking I will do this. I will have this experience, make a small difference somewhere, get to know another culture that is so different as ours,…

So. Now you know why I am going, or at least you know a small bit of my motivation, because my motivation is a lot more. (and yes, probably you will also know more about this in the near future!). TOday I booked my flight. I am leaving 19 september. The coming back date is not known yet. Exciting stuff.

It is still a long time, so why starting a blog now? Well… My mother is now probably thinking “JOOOOO noooo dont think about that so much now and do other stuff!” (other stuff=studying). well. the problem is I AM Thinking about next year and I will be talking with a lot of people about it. I cannot change that fact. But the other problem is maybe I am afraid sometimes, or really excited, or sad, or happy,… and if I cannot express these feelings, well.. I will keep thinking about it and I will not be able to study. But I do not know if you know it, but writing is a bit like therapy for me. So if I can write my thoughts down, it is good… The whole preparation process for cambodia: you will find it here…. When I am leaving, how painfull my vaccinations will be, how I am scared or afraid, how happy I am, my money searching thing, my sponsor activities… You can expect these things till september. And then: you will have reports from Phnom Penh itself! Oh, the people who read my diary last year (for the people who dont know what this is: I studied in Dublin last year for 9 months and I had also a blog), do not be afraid: this blog will not have so many or so long writings by myself. I dont think I will have so much time in Cambodia or easy internetacces as in dublin..

 Why the english? Well… In dublin I met some fantastic friends (I MISS YOUOUOU) and I know some crazy people, known as Joinees  and I will meet some other people in Cambodia. All these people cannot speak dutch. So… here english! and I will try to be an english teacher in Cambodia, so maybe it is good if I write in english. Oh, if you notice I make a very very big mistake and I make it multiple times, let me know!

Oh, I will also try to make a flickr account with my pictures and a link from this site to that account stuff. Than I only need a digital camera. uhuh. (hint hint, my birthday is in september!) (oh, I do not need FIVE cameras by the way).

I guess this is it. My introduction. oh yeah. now only people have to read it. And you can give my comments. But be nice 😉